About Us



02 Breathe came onto the scene in 2010 and since then has stayed Central Florida's premier mobile oxygen bar service.  This was an idea that came to light by the owner, Tina Aldrich, who wanted to bring "life" and something unique to Orlando.  She has combined her passion for helping people and love for excitement to create what many know now as 02 Breathe ~ the oxygen bar company!  Since inception 02 Breathe has morphed into a complete one stop shop where you will find many different holistic items as well as be able to experience the oxygen bar service.  In 2015, 02 Breathe opened their first location in Plant Street Market in Winter Garden.  There you will find a complete line of holistic and all natural items that can help you to feel better in one aspect or another.


02 Breathe has kept their roots and you can still find them around Florida at various festivals, concerts, races and, competitions.  They also prove to be one of the most memorable pieces of events and get rented year after year by many different companies for their trade shows and corporate parties.

One of Tina's goals since she was a teen was to open a coffee shop and cafe.  She has always wanted to create a haven where people of all ages could come and "escape" or get inspired.  She has successfully proven her ability to make this happen with numerous companies in her past.  This is the next step where 02 Breathe will be found.  The name One Utopia has been chosen for that venture as the definition fits what she is hoping to embody.  One Utopia ~ an imagined place or state in which everything is perfect.  Coming soon...